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Church Hill Infant School

Sports premium 2018 -19

Church Hill Infant School had 179 eligible pupils based on the numbers on roll in Years 1/2 on the January Census 2018 and is due to receive £17,790 of Primary school PE and sport funding for 2018/19.

Objective 1

All children to take part in structured dance sessions, building up to a performance. To develop confidence and skill in teaching dance as a performance

PE and School Sport Premium Key Outcomes Indicator:



Intended Impact

  • Liaise with coach regarding topics that link to children’s previous/current learning in class.
  • Teachers to teach a session each week from coach lead to improve expertise.
  • Observation of dance sessions. (Teacher and coach lead)
  • Staff evaluation


  • To improve teacher’s confidence when teaching dance as a cross curricula subject.
  • Improved rhythm, stamina and coordination through learning dance routines.
  • Increased confidence when performing in front of a large audience.


Objective 2

To promote a love of sport and physical exercise through structured PE sessions. (sports coach)

PE and School Sport Premium Key Outcomes Indicator:



Intended Impact

  • Liaise with sports coach to ensure a wide variety of sports on offer for all year groups.
  • Teacher’s to co teach  to improve their own CPD.
  • Observations of PE sessions to ensure they are high quality and ALL pupils are engaging.
  • Continue use of entry and exit assessments to track pupils’ progress.


  • Staff feel confident to teach a variety of sports alongside sports coach.
  • Staff are confident to fill in entry and exit assessments and talk about the progress of their class against age related expectations.
  • Children look forward to PE sessions and engage fully with all sports that they participate in.
  • Children contribute towards their daily active time twice a week.

Objective 3

To improve fitness by promote the daily use of a sports track

PE and School Sport Premium Key Outcomes Indicator:



Intended Impact


  • Research into possible daily use of sports track, (daily mile, scooters, bikes)
  • Liaise with contractors/ tender work



+ £10 x 179 pupil Jan census

+ £2,976.31

remaining funding from 17/18





  • Regular opportunities for the use of the sports track
  • Increase children’s stamina and physical fitness through running, walking and/ or use of scooters.
  • Sustain 30 minutes active time per day through structured activity.
  • Improved concentration in class

Total Spend

(Funding Received 18/19 )

£ 20,766.31

(£ 17,790)

How the school assesses pupil attainment in PE and sports:

Our Sports Coach in partnership with the Class Teacher will record each half term at the end of each unit of work.

These assessments are monitored by the SLT and PE Leader to track the progress of each pupil as they progress through the school and the coverage of PE in each Year Group.