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Church Hill Infant School

Sports Premium 2017-18

Expenditure and Impact of Sports Premium Grant for 2017-18

Our grant income for this academic year is £17,760.

We intend to use our Sports Premium Grant in similar ways as previous years, with impact monitored by our P.E. coordinator. However as the grant has been doubled this year we have been able to provide a broader range of sports interventions to benefit our children, full details of how we plan to spend the grant and its intended impact are detailed below: 

Intended Expenditure

Intended Impact


Charnwood Sports Partnership Membership

Increased participation in competitive sport through:

  • Access to the dance festival with Jumpstart Into Community Dance (Increased confidence to perform)
  • Dance development day for KS1
  • 2 Multi skills competitions (Promote a persevering attitude for new sports and skills)
  • KS1 multi-skills festival
  • Discounted access to courses run by future active. These courses will be used to increase staff confidence when leading a PE session.


Coach Travel to Sporting Events

Promote a persevering attitude for new sports and skills


Sports Coach to lead PE Sessions

  • Increase greater  awareness of health and fitness and the importance of sports in pupils’ lives
  • Contribute to children being active for at least 30 minutes, twice a week.
  • Broaden children's experiences of a range of different sports and skills.
  • Staff development and confidence of teaching PE


Big Moves Delivery

(Initially for 8 weeks)

Increase percentage of children with good gross and fine motor skills.

  • Refine key gross motor skills in the early years such as jumping, hopping and rolling through structured activity.
  • Intervention to be carried out in small groups for children with poor gross motor skills initially.
  • This will progress onto improving fine motor skills.
  • Ongoing assessment will evidence the improvements that children are making.


Lunch Club

  • Encourage children to be active during their lunch time.
  • Promote a love of a new sport, encouraging them to practise outside of structured school time.
  • Encourage team games and respect for these games and other players.


Breakfast Club

Including “Wake Up and Shake Up” Programme for the Spring Term

  • Children will start the day with physical activity, leading to improved concentration in lesson time.
  • Through wake up shake up children will improve rhythm and coordination in a fun way.

Through this children will improve:

  • Their stamina (Being able to dance all the way through a song and put the moves together)
  • Co-ordination (gross motor skills then impacting on fine motor skills)
  • Improved ability to follow a rhythm and stay in time to music.


Shake Up and Wake Up Resource Package

The wake up shake up programme will ensure children are active for at least 10 minutes each day and promote a love of music and dance.


Scooters and Storage Racks

  • Use of scooters during PE sessions to encourage children to be active in a fun way!
  • Increase in balance and coordination.
  • Focusing on spatial awareness, turning to avoid obstacles.
  • Inspire children to practise their skills outside of school and travelling to school.



Dance Development with Jumpstart into Community Dance

(For year 1 and 2 during Summer 1)

  • Promoting creative dance and making links with the curriculum.
  • Increase staff confidence with new skills and making links across the curriculum.
  • Increasing children's confidence to perform to a large amount of children.
  • Encourage critical thinking and how they can improve on their performance.
  • Learn new vocabulary to describe the movements they are performing.
  • Improved rhythm and timing as well as stamina. Being active for a whole song.


Outdoor Music Player

  • Allow music to be added to physical activity on the playground and field enhancing playtimes.
  • This will also enhance provision for sports day and wake up shake up sessions by allowing large amounts of children (or adults!) to hear instructions and take part!


Balance of grant is will be spent on Sports Equipment or additional coaching if required.





Mr Smith our sports coach with children in Breakfast Club