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Church Hill Infant School

Pupil Premium 2017-18

Pupil Premium Strategy for 2017/18

  • Total amount allocated for 2016/17- £48,840
  • Based on schools January 17 Census - 37 Forever 6 children on role. 
Strategy Expected Impact Cost
CPD to  improve Quality First Teaching  CPD centred around school priorities ensures Quality First Teaching provides personalised learning opportunities for pupils £6,000
  Progress from prior attainment shows pupils make good progress  
  Clearer milestones for achievement  
  Quality feedback ensure misconceptions are addressed swiftly  
Project X – Underachieving readers - Boys (Afterschool club x 3 afternoons/ 2 LSAs) Underachievement and catch up on identified areas of learning are carefully linked to quality provision mapping and class based interventions with proven impact Included in TA Time
Maths Intervention (Numicon) - LSA x 2 mornings (Underachievers) Beginning Sept 15 A large proprtion of pupils meet attainment expectations for their year Included in TA Time
  Higher standards of work in books – with more opportunities for in depth learning and improving work through responding to feedback.  
Educational Psychologist Consultations  & Specialist SEN provision, Birchwood outreach service & training New assessment tracking system allows End of Year Expectations to be clearly linked to gaps in learning and are addressed through quality first teaching £4,000
Quality first teaching and personalisation within the classroom (At least 20% TA Time) Growth mind set and attitudes to learning empower pupils to build resilience, developing ownership of learning and deepen understanding of new concepts. £29,573
Curriculum Enhancement / Pupil Wellbeing Expected Impact Cost
Subsidised Uniform package Enhanced positive attitudes to learning and school life £1,200
Curriculum Enhancement (Trips / Visitors) Enhanced curriculum provision and access to experiential and contextualised learning £500
Family Support, Assistance, Relate counselling, mental health and wellbeing support Proven impact of working with parents. Improved attendance, support with learning at home, better signposting to universal services  £4,000
Breakfast Club for Vulnerable Pupils Improved Attendance/ lower persistent absenteeism, positive parental engagement £2,000
Milk for FSM Children   £500
Attendance Officer Support Proven impact of working with vulnerable families/ postive strategies in place to support emotional wellbeing and mental health issues  £1,200
Total Expenditure   £48,973