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Church Hill Infant School

Pupil Premium 2015-16

Pupil Premium Strategy for 2015/16

  • Total amount recieved for 2015/16- £48,840      


Expected Impact

Actual Spend

CPD to  improve Quality First Teaching

Ensure Quality First Teaching provides personalised learning opportunities for pupils


Underachievement and catch up on identified areas or learning


All children make at least expected progress with many making better than expected progress


All pupils meet attainment expectations for their year


Higher standards of work in books


More children able to apply basic Math and Reading skills

£ 4,000

Reading Eggs – online reading programme

£ 1,350

Project X – Underachieving readers - Boys (Afterschool club x 3 afternoons/ 2 LSAs)

See TA Time

One to one extra reading  - Girls (LSA x 2 Mornings)

See TA Time

Maths Intervention (Numicon) - LSA x 2 mornings (Underachievers) Beginning Sept 15

See TA Time

Educational Psychologist Consultations  & Specialist SEN provision & training

£ 2,687

Qualified Speech and Language Specialist

£ 8,640

Quality first teaching and personalisation within the classroom (At least 20% TA Time

£  26,080



Curriculum Enhancement / Pupil Wellbeing

Expected Impact


Subsidised Uniform package

Enhanced positive attitudes to learning

Enhanced curriculum provision and access to experiential learning

Deeper awareness of learning expectations

Positive Parental Engagement

Improved Attendance


£ 979

Curriculum Enhancement (Trips / Visitors)

£ 1,369

Family Support & Assistance

£ 1,000

Breakfast Club for Vulnerable Pupils

£ 1,000

IPAD's for supporting teaching & learning / small group work / 1:1


Milk for FSM Children

£ 845

Attendance Officer Support

£ 500

Total Expenditure



  Year on Year Impact /Attainment of Pupil Premium Pupils

Strategic - Actual Impact

Project X

  • Developed confidence and positive attitudes to reading. Progress of reading skills through on entry and exit evidence.

Educational Psychologist  

  • Personalised plans of support has refined quality first teaching and enabled progress through classroom intervention.  Enhanced parent support /confidence to support own child with specific needs. (See case studies). Fast tracking and closer liaison with external agencies, (CAMHs, Family Outreach Workers, Paediatricians, SALT).


  • 100% of our PP children met the standard by the end of Year 2 in 2015 and 2016, compared to 84% Nationally(2015)
  • Writing - Working at expected level = 7/ 13 – 54%,  Whole school 60%
  • Reading - Working at expected level   = 8/13 – 62%, Whole School 63%
  • Maths - Working at expected level = 5/13 – 38%, Whole School 60%

Curriculum Enhancement - Actual Impact

Attendance Officer

  • Overall attendance for the school is on a upward trend 95%(2014) 95.8%(2016)
  • Average attendance for disadvantaged children has improved from 93.4% (2015) to 97.12% (2016)
  • Persistent Absenteeism has improved for disadvantaged pupils 8/22  Children (2015), 4/24  Children (2016)

Breakfast club 

  • Average attendance for PP children offered breakfast club is above expected 97.05%


  • Enhanced assessment for learning opportunities.  Improved responding and better awareness of achievements. IPADS have brought excitement into the curriculum and have enhanced contextual learning, promoting better attitudes. For e.g using google earth to find iconic landmarks to help draw maps, Tweeting messages to astronaut; Timothy Peake.

Development points for next year

  • Continue successes from previous years

  • Staff CPD will focus on supporting pupils to meet the end of year expectations.