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Church Hill Infant School

Creative Arts

Art and Design

We value art and design at our school and recognise it as a source of information, enjoyment and fulfilment and it complements our schools creative ethos. Art provides a context in which children learn to express their thoughts and emotions, use their imaginations, experiment and develop creativity.

Within the Foundation Stage, our children are encouraged to explore and experiment with different mark making materials such as pens, crayons and chalks. They are introduced to colour mixing and explore how colours can be changed. Our children are encouraged to represent their own ideas through art and make their own choices about the media and materials they use.

In Key Stage One art and design may be taught on a weekly basis or when appropriate in a block with lessons being grouped together so that children can persevere on their projects and gain a sense of achievement on their completion. Our children are given the opportunity to explore the many different forms of art including drawing, painting, collage, printing, textiles and sculpture. Children are taught key skills in each form; for example learning to mix colours and hold a brush for painting. Our children have the opportunity to practise and refine these skills through different tasks and projects. We encourage the children to apply the skills they have been taught in their own way and value their individual pieces of art.

During special weeks and events children will have the opportunity to produce pieces of artwork collaboratively, sometimes with the support of a visiting artist.

Our Art Co-ordinator is Mrs Borman.

Design and Technology

Design and technology gives children the opportunity to think creatively and become confident problem solvers. Our children will be taught that the design process is just as important as the product itself and they will be encouraged to evaluate and improve upon their design. They will work alone and with others on design projects.

Within the Foundation Stage, children are encouraged to develop their cutting, joining and model making skills. They have access to different tools, materials and construction kits to help them learn and practise new skills. Our children enjoy cooking in our children’s kitchen area and we value the importance of them learning simple cooking skills and techniques.

In Key Stage One design and technology will either be taught on a weekly basis or in a block with lessons being grouped together. Children will experience different aspects of design and technology including textiles, food preparation, construction kits and model making. In addition to developing their practical skills, children are also expected to design and evaluate their own work. Children are encouraged to use design and technology skills in other areas of the curriculum; for example using their writing skills as part of the planning and design process or applying their maths skills when measuring materials.


At Church Hill Infant School we believe singing lies at the heart of our music curriculum. Every child has access to an instrument – their voice! We value singing and we sing on a regular basis during assemblies and in our classes. Our children enjoy a wide range of musical activities in addition to singing such as: composing music, listening to music, exploring pitch and rhythm and playing instruments.

Our youngest children in the Foundation Stage explore music by singing simple rhymes and songs and by joining in with ring games. They are encouraged to move in response to different pieces of music and have access to a range of musical instruments. The children have regular music sessions, where we follow a scheme called Music Express. In these sessions the children learn key skills such as learning how to change the sound of instruments and clapping a steady beat.

During Key Stage One our children follow the Music Express scheme which focuses on children listening carefully and responding to a wide range of different kinds of music. They play a range of musical instruments and sing a variety of songs from memory, adding accompaniments and creating short compositions.

Our Year Two children are encouraged to learn the recorder with regular opportunities to perform to an audience. We sing and perform to mark special festivals and enjoy singing at our local church at Easter.